Coldwell Banker’s new RealVitalize Program


Have you ever arrived at a listing appointment and the client starts walking you through the home and you think to yourself…”How am I going to sell this with floors scratched, the living room is red, the kitchen is yellow and they have a slight obsession with the farmhouse style”? Or maybe you are hesitant to even put your home on the market; because you think the condition is not up to par. We all know painting your tween’s room from magenta to revere pewter is on your long to-do list… With RealVitalize you can conquer these fears with a clear, sound mind; because Coldwell Banker Southern Realty offers RealVitalize to all qualifying customers. RealVitalize is a program that allows sellers to revamp their home without fronting the cash to make it look its absolute best before going on the market. Why list your home for less because it needs a facelift, when RealVitalize can find, schedule, and front the costs of certified contractors for you! Don’t let potential buyers pass up your home because you chose to make it yours over the past years.

What is RealVitalize?

It is an exclusive program offered to Coldwell Banker clients that helps with improvement and repairs to prep their home for sale. RealVitalize covers the up-front costs and gets repaid at closing. There are no hidden fees, interest charges, or markups.

What type of listings qualify for RealVitalize?

All property types qualify as long as they have an active listing agreement with one of our agents, with the exception of land properties or any property that is in foreclosure, forbearance, bank-owned, short sale or where the seller is in bankruptcy.

What projects are included with RealVitalize?
RealVitalize can assist with any non-structural projects. This includes large renovations or just the final touch-up services that make a home show-ready.
● Staging
● Landscape
● Carpeting and Flooring
● Cleaning
● Moving and Storage
● Painting
● Room Remodeling
● Plumbing
● Electrical Repairs

*Services like home additions, building a garage, installing a new roof are not included.*

What is the cost to the agent and client?

There is no fee for RealVitalize to the seller. All services are billed to RealVitalize, and the seller pays back only the project cost to RealVitalize from the settlement funds at closing – with no hidden fees, interest charges, or markups.

Is there a lien placed on the property to ensure repayment of funds?

No. RealVitalize is focused on creating a simple experience for home sellers listing their home with their agent, and providing home improvement services with no upfront or hidden fees, no credit checks or liens on the property.

What is the budget amount a seller can use for a RealVitalize project?

The budget for any ReVitalize project is equivalent to the property’s list-side commission, up to a maximum cost cap of $20k. For example, if the list price of the home is $500,000 and the sell-side commission rate is 3%, the budget would be $15k. Projects with costs greater than the maximum assigned allocation will need to be rescoped, or the seller can pay the overage (above the approved amount) out of pocket. Alternatively, the seller can agree to increase the list-side commission rate, in order to raise the budget amount.

What if the seller wants to invest in services over their calculated budget?
There are two options:
● The seller can choose to increase their list-side commission rate with their agent, increasing their budgeted amount to be high enough to cover the full project.

● The seller can pay Angi (partnered with RealVitalize) directly for the overage amount. However, they will need to follow Angi’s terms of payment and cannot wait to pay until closing.

How does pricing work?

Before RealVitalize begins any work, the price will be clearly communicated and the seller will have the chance to review any quote before work is performed. If the seller disagrees with the price, the seller or agent can work with the dedicated Angi Project Consultant to find a different provider or change the scope of the work. A seller can decline to move forward with a RealVitalize project without incurring any costs, as long as work has not begun.

What obligations are there in participating in RealVitalize?

Even if the seller enrolls in RealVitalize but decides later they are no longer interested in using RealVitalize services, there are no costs, fees, or financial obligations. A seller must be enrolled and approved in the program before a service provider can be sent out to estimate the project work. Home services bids are free and without commitment.

Who are the vendors selected to participate in RealVitalize?

Angi has a rigorous screening process for its service providers, including background checks and licensing requirements. Angi providers are all local professionals, selected or having the highest customer ratings and experience.

Can you use your own local vendor for RealVitalize?

All vendors must be vetted through the Angi screening processes and agree to RealVitalize participation terms. You can recommend a contractor be added to the provider list of professionals by completing the Vendor Submission Form available with your agent’s resources.

You might be asking yourself, “Why wouldn’t I list my home with Coldwell Banker Southern Realty? They have all the right tools to get my home sold even if it does need upgrades” Well, we are thinking the same thing! Your home needing a facelift will not stop us from selling your home in any market!

“All information and graphics are from CB Desk and RealVitalize Resources”