Amazing Success Stories

“Teresa Smith was very helpful during the purchase of our first home. She was patient throughout the process and answered all of our questions. She ensured that the entire process was smooth and easy and made sure we were informed during each step. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. She's the sweetest agent to work with for sure!”

“Rich Cosner is a kind and helpful broker. He has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to coach and encourage a new agent. He is a challenge overcomer, no matter what obstacles a new agent faces he is willing to help them find solutions. His brokerage also offers fantastic training and all of the experienced agents are willing to help the newcomers! The environment in the office is supportive and encouraging. I am so glad I chose Coldwell Banker Southern Realty!”

“I’ve been a Realtor for 11 years, having worked at Remax for 10 years previously before accepting Rich Cosner’s invitation to come to work for him. I can truthfully say Rich is very friendly and encouraging to his agents. He offers very good advice and also offers educational classes on many subjects. He runs his office like a business, but he’s definitely a people person. He doesn’t meddle into my business and lets me “do my thing” without any interference from him. I have not regretted joining his firm one second - we are already the Number One Agency in this area, out-selling all the others put together. And I have had one of my best years ever at Coldwell Banker Southern Realty, successfully closing over 50 transactions! I’m definitely proud to be on a winning team at Coldwell Banker Southern Realty”

“I had the privilege of working as a Branch Manager for Rich Cosner for 7 years. I consider Rich to be one of the best leaders in the real estate industry. He is forward-thinking, innovative, and focused on the success of those he leads. When you join his ranks, you can be sure Rich Cosner will be 100% committed to your success. He will inspire you to achieve even more than you imagined and will equip you with the tools and resources you need.”

“I worked for Rich as a Manager for his Moreno Valley office in 2001 and later as a Regional Sales Manager. Rich is a true professional in every sense of the word, with a long track record of coaching Managers and Agents to success. He worked tirelessly to keep his company on the cutting edge and was always looking for tools and systems that could better aide his Agents to perform better. He was never too busy to help when a challenge, question or idea came up. Rich’s management meetings were collaborative and upbeat. He’s caring, thoughtful and listens to management concerns and addresses them. Rich always made me feel like a valued member of his staff.”

Moreno Valley, California

“As a national speaker, coach, and trainer I can attest that working with Rich Cosner to help him grow his company and attract high-quality professionals has been one of my most rewarding professional memories and privileges. His leadership focus, no matter how large the company grew, was directed squarely at agent benefit and individual growth knowing that through this, the company would grow as well. No matter the case, Rich never lost focus on the things he always said are most important. A brand with a stellar reputation... tools, systems, education, and training to help the professionals grow their business. Along with, a real personal connection with the individual agents. Rich’s tireless roll your sleeves up and work ethic, beliefs, attracting quality professional agents, and surrounding himself with empowered managers and leaders, grew the company from just a few offices to several in just a few years. Should you get the chance to meet and work with Rich yourself a favor, do not pass on it.”

Master Live Now Coach, Consultant, Master Speaker, Trainer

“I joined Rich's Southern California Prudential firm in 2002 and had the pleasure of working with him for over 15 years. Throughout my career of being a top sales agent, assistant manager, recruiter and sales manager, Rich was there every step of the way to guide me and push me to reach my highest potential. I owe all of my success to Rich. You will not find a more genuine leader who truly cares about his agents career.”

“One word for those considering the opportunity to work with Rich: RUN!!!! But not in the way you would think. Run as fast as you can to partner with him. I have worked as a real estate leader in Florida, Colorado, California, and now Texas, and Rich has been along for the ride every single step of the way. He is not only a mentor but a friend, a true friend who will tell you the way it is and what is best for you, not for him. I have been very fortunate to have some great "bosses" along the way, some of the best in the country, but none like Rich. This would be an amazing opportunity for anyone. My only advice, strap on your seatbelt for the ride!”