A little bit about Don "Buzzy"...

Don Barnes relocated to the Flat Creek region of Shelbyville in 1976. During his time there, he played a crucial role in the family's livestock farming endeavors, which included cattle, goats, pigs, and horses. Additionally, they cultivated corn and hay on their land. Don pursued higher education at both Motlow State Community College and Middle Tennessee State University before embarking on a career in the computer industry based in Nashville.
In 1986, Don tied the knot with Cindy Crowell, a native of Shelbyville. Both Don and Cindy obtained their Real Estate licenses in 1988. After a few years, the Barnes family returned to Shelbyville to raise their children. Cindy focused on Real Estate while also being a dedicated mother to their three children. Jackie, now a real estate agent and Project Manager for Cooper Steel, Trey, the primary owner of Echo Hills Excavation, and Jon, the owner of Barnes Mulching (Forestry Mulching) and Excavation, all grew up in Shelbyville under the same roof.
Throughout his career in the computer hardware and software industry, Don devoted his evenings and weekends to assisting Cindy in Real Estate matters, particularly those related to land and farms. In 2023, Don retired from his long-standing position in the computer industry, where he consistently prioritized "Customer Satisfaction." Nowadays, Don's main focus is on Real Estate.