Newly licensed agents:

Rich Cosner has been teaching and leading newly licensed real estate agents for over 30 years. He is one of the best coaches and developers of real estate professionals in the industry. Once you join his firm he will work quickly to get you oriented to the business and set up for both one on one and small group training. He believes newly licensed agents need training in two separate pieces.

The first involves the “technical” training. This includes all the things a new licensee needs to know to complete a real estate transaction. How to determine if you should work with an individual buyer? How do you know if your buyer can buy? How to work with lenders for your buyers. How do you write an effective Offer to Purchase? How do you handle Counter-Offers? How do you work with your title and escrow partners? What to expect at the closing? How and when to delegate some of your work to others.

The second part is the “sales” side of the business. How do you attract buyers to work with you? How do you attract homeowners to sell to you? How do you make an effective listing presentation? How do you conduct a counseling meeting with potential buyers? How do you build a database? How do you conduct your marketing? How to use social media to your best advantage?

You also have the advantage of using the Coldwell Banker University online learning system. You will find dozens of courses that are very appropriate for new people to the business.

If you are serious about learning the business and want to be coached by and led by one of the top people in the industry, reach out to Rich Cosner on his cell at 931-777-1100.

For Agents in Their First Two Years in real estate:
Have you been in the real estate business two years….or one year two times?

If that sounds like your experience change it now…before you are in the business one year….five times!

There are many agents in the business that have survived their first two years in the business but they find that their business is not predictable or reproducible. They rarely know where their next transaction is coming from and they are always struggling financially between sales.

Rich Cosner can show you how to bring predictability to your real estate income. He will show you how to reproduce your income consistently. He and his team will coach you and show you how to get into a comfortable zone where you are not worrying about where and when your next sale comes. He will teach you effective business planning so you make each day more productive. He will help you better decide how to use your time each day, week and month.